A lot of people suffer from foot pain and get relief using an orthotic. The orthotic is medical device that is used in the treatment of foot pain. It is placed inside the shoe as an insole. Although you can purchase over the counter orthotics from a variety of sources, you should buy a custom-made orthotic that is prescribed by the podiatrist. Orthotics made specifically to address your specific foot-related health issues will let you enjoy the rest of your day without discomfort and pain.

The Problem With Over-the-Counter Inserts

Since the prefabricated, cheap OTC inserts that you purchase in a pharmacy or fast-food chain are manufactured in mass quantities and are not crafted to the specific needs of your feet. Certain patients suffer from unique foot problems that may mean that an OTC product might not be able to treat. They may require extra cushioning or additional support in a particular area. The OTC product is not capable of meeting these requirements. There are a few OTC inserts that offer advantages, but to know if an item can meet your needs you should consult your podiatrist.

Websites that specialize in selling prefabricated, over-the counter (OTC) inserts for sale at an expensive price are becoming more and more popular. They claim that their inserts are superior to less expensive ones available at chains or at the drugstore. You might be familiar with an advertisement describing how their product can ease the foot pain and give you immediate relief. They aren't made to fit your specific foot needs. One reason for the expensive cost could be because the company suggests that using a sequence of three inserts during your day, instead of only one specifically designed for your feet.

The Benefits of Seeing a Perth Podiatrist for Custom Orthotics

There are a variety of reasons why your podiatrist is your best source for orthotics. A skilled podiatrist:

  • Take photos as well as measurements for your ankles and feet
  • Analyze how you walk and pinpoint the source of the foot pain.
  • You can make the appropriate orthotic for your needs?
  • Make sure the orthotic is properly fitted
  • Do not let others profit from you and offers the most competitive prices.

The people who could benefit from an orthotic are those suffering from the following ailments:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Arches that are tall or without arches
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Patellofemoral knee discomfort
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints

The people who are at their feet long durations can benefit by an orthotic. If you find that certain parts of your footwear are wearing faster than others, it might be a sign that you require an orthotic. Orthotics can ease the pressure and pain off of specific parts in your foot. It can ease discomfort not just on your feet but in your hips, legs and back.

A custom orthotic made by your podiatrist is suggested instead of an OTC insert as it's specifically designed to meet your requirements in your mind. Your podiatrist might also suggest treatment, in conjunction with the orthotic.

You might be shocked to learn that a lot of health insurance providers cover the expense of a custom orthotic. If you're suffering from foot pain visit your podiatrist instead of an online store or a specialist.

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